“From little acorns, big oaks grow!!”


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Are you a young writer?

Do you want help with developing your writing?

Then we can help you.


KidsWhoWrite.ORG believes that all children should be actively encouraged to read and write well in their own language and, if possible, in other languages.

Unfortunately, due to the invention of texting, young people these days are more inclined to use abbreviated language. They may not realise that this lack of using correct grammar, punctuation and spelling could well have an adverse effect upon their future working life - much the same way as not being able to do arithmetic.

Through writing a child is able to utilise their imagination and creativity by developing their own stories which are sometimes based on their own experiences. We also believe that some children use writing as a way to express their emotions and feelings, especially when they cannot physically explain what they are experiencing at the time. Putting ‘pen to paper’ gives these youngsters an anonymous outlet to express themselves by unloading their fears in a safe way.

Without up and coming writers the book world will diminish so would like to see all children being shown the doorway to the joys of reading and writing. In order to help young writers develop in this craft is developing a programme where we call upon current experienced writers and others within the world of writing to join us. By utilising their own experiences we feel these artists can encourage our future writers, artists, editors and possibly journalists towards a fulfilling future works for the benefit of children and operates from funds generated by contributions through the sale of products and donations.