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“From little acorns, big oaks grow!!”


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Are you a young person interested in creative writing?

Do you like writing short stories, novelettes, poetry or factual writing?

Perhaps you need help with progressing your written work? Or maybe you’ve    written a story and would like us to review and edit it for you? And possibly     get your work published?

Or someone who would like a future in writing or journalism?

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Maybe you’re a budding artist who would like to draw or create images?

Have you drawn or created some illustrations that others like and you would        like the advice of a professional artist/illustrator?

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Whatever your chosen craft why not join us.

We can offer mentoring, advice and help with your writing and illustrations.

We will arrange for one of our Reviewers to assess and critique your work and

offer you any constructive advice if needed.

Better still why not try your hand at writing a piece of work and using

the Contact Us form email it to us.

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Or you can contact us direct via email at:

Go on . . . .  Be daring and give it a go!!